Fight Analysis: Fellowship of the Ring

I enjoyed writing my first Fight Analysis post so much I decided to follow up with another one. Same genre, broadly speaking, but this one’s a real fight scene instead of a comedy skit – in fact, the climactic duel of the movie. Fellowship of the Ring came out 15 years ago, but still feels fresh. I […]

Fight Analysis: Conan the Barbarian

Inspired by Hans-Christian Vortisch‘s wonderful Gurps breakdowns of shootouts from movies and TV shows (here‘s a recent one), and Mailanka‘s equally meticulous turn-by-turn analyses of Star Wars lightsaber fights (like this one), I decided to try my hand at the same. Now, it’s a point of pride and principle that my favorite film is Conan […]

Sleepless Nights, Session 1: The Rite of the Wolf

So, while Sleepless Nights starts in earnest sometime next spring after I come back from a five-month stint abroad, we managed to play a sort of prologue session last week. I wrote this primarily as an official record of the events of the adventure, but I tried my best to elucidate the decisions and blunders […]