Sleepless Nights: Vampire Psychology

I’ve written a bunch of posts about the game mechanics of character creation for vampire PCs. In this one, I’ll step outside that rules-oriented view a bit and gather my thoughts regarding other aspects of what vampires are like in Sleepless Nights. What are they like, then? Any answer I give here is necessarily tentative and provisional, […]

How I Play: Food

Pretty much every social gathering must address the question of sustenance: sooner or later, everyone’s got to eat. Do we do it beforehand, each on our own? Do we go our separate ways or split into small groups and get something afterwards? Or do we make eating together part of whatever we’ve made the effort and […]

Martial Arts Style: Kid Wrangling

I’ve dabbled in a couple of martial arts, but there’s only one I’m proficient in. I figured it’s high time someone statted it up for Gurps. Kid Wrangling (4 points) Possibly the most ancient of all martial arts, this is the body of knowledge used by men and women from time immemorial to manage their […]