Vampirism Power Addendum: Regeneration

Just a quick addition to the Vampirism power: a regeneration ability. It’s one of those classic vampire traits, especially in movies, and needs to be available to my players.   Regeneration [8/18/28/48/68] You recover from nonlethal injury without feeding or hibernating. At level 1, you heal 2 HP each day on a successful HT roll. […]

House Rules: Size

Okay, part two of a two-part bit on house rules. (Here‘s the previous one, on Strength.) First things first, Size Modifier is great, the Size/Range/Speed table is brilliant, Gurps does this right. For the most part. Here’s a proposed disadvantage: Suck at Fighting. It’s leveled, and each level gives you -1 to hit anyone in […]

House Rules: Strength

I’m back! (This is my first blog post in six months. I spent the winter┬ástay-at-home-dadding and finishing my master’s thesis, and I just didn’t feel like writing something for fun with that big writing task always looming at the keyboard. But it’s finished now, and I’ll see if I won’t get back into the groove […]