RB0: Two More Robot PCs

Previously I introduced Remote Boot Zero, a Gurps convention game I’ll be running in June, and published three of the nine 400-point robot PCs. I was going to write here about the setting of the game, but I reconsidered: just in case I get a player who’s read this blog, I don’t want to give away any […]

RB0: Introduction and 3 Robot PCs

I’m going to run a convention game in June, based on a one-shot I ran some years ago. This one is expanded and more closely specified, and I’m calling it Remote Boot Zero. I’m going to be publishing this scenario here on the blog in a serialized form. The player characters in RB0 are all robots […]

Back at the Gates of Mournwater

There’s something about a long rpg campaign, something difficult to name. It transcends even those special things a new or short-lived campaign lacks by necessity, the significance of which is easy to understand: how immersed in a character one can get after years of practice, how rich the dynamics between the characters and the world […]