Sleepless Nights, Session Five: Speak of the Devil

I’ve fallen badly behind on these session reports: I just ran the seventh session of Sleepless Nights last week. I’ll try to catch up. Prussia/Poland, summer 1545 A Curse Kazimierz of Cracow, sailor, printer, humanist, and adventurer, is confused and afraid. For the last couple of years, he’s served as junior mate on a merchant […]

How I Play: Genre is Emergent

Note: I started writing this post right after running the third session of Sleepless Nights. I didn’t find the time to focus on finishing it, as I thought it would grow into a fairly lengthy treatment of the subject. Coming back to it now, a month later, I decided to just post it as is. […]

Sleepless Nights, Session Four: The Grand Master

We played two sessions of Sleepless Nights in June. This is a short report on the first of those. Unlike in earlier session reports, I’m not attempting a full blow-by-blow; this is just a summary of the more significant events, and a few asides on my decisions and observations as GM. Malta, 1604 Alof de […]

Sleepless Nights, Session Three: The Specimen

I ran the third session of Sleepless Nights, my centuries-spanning (millennia, really) vampire campaign with an increasingly big cast. Once again, it was the introduction of another player character to undeath. This session report, like the first two, focuses on my observations and decisions as game master. December, 1216 AD. Gdansk, Poland. Player Characters Gunnulf Sigurdsson, […]

Vampirism Power Addendum: Regeneration

Just a quick addition to the Vampirism power: a regeneration ability. It’s one of those classic vampire traits, especially in movies, and needs to be available to my players.   Regeneration [8/18/28/48/68] You recover from nonlethal injury without feeding or hibernating. At level 1, you heal 2 HP each day on a successful HT roll. […]

House Rules: Size

Okay, part two of a two-part bit on house rules. (Here‘s the previous one, on Strength.) First things first, Size Modifier is great, the Size/Range/Speed table is brilliant, Gurps does this right. For the most part. Here’s a proposed disadvantage: Suck at Fighting. It’s leveled, and each level gives you -1 to hit anyone in […]

House Rules: Strength

I’m back! (This is my first blog post in six months. I spent the winter stay-at-home-dadding and finishing my master’s thesis, and I just didn’t feel like writing something for fun with that big writing task always looming at the keyboard. But it’s finished now, and I’ll see if I won’t get back into the groove […]

Sleepless Nights: Vampire Psychology

I’ve written a bunch of posts about the game mechanics of character creation for vampire PCs. In this one, I’ll step outside that rules-oriented view a bit and gather my thoughts regarding other aspects of what vampires are like in Sleepless Nights. What are they like, then? Any answer I give here is necessarily tentative and provisional, […]

How I Play: Food

Pretty much every social gathering must address the question of sustenance: sooner or later, everyone’s got to eat. Do we do it beforehand, each on our own? Do we go our separate ways or split into small groups and get something afterwards? Or do we make eating together part of whatever we’ve made the effort and […]